The downloaded Application is owned and operated by Seyran Kocaoglu The application is provided by Seyran Kocaoglu ("FINDNOW", "us"). General Terms and Conditions owned and operated by Seyran Kocaoglu which enable the use of applications by Seyran Kocaoglu shall be valid for all services given to you by Seyran Kocaoglu. This contract will also be effective and apply to future transactions. By establishing or running the Apps you clearly indicate that you accept these General Terms and Conditions.  Seyran Kocaoglu.

These Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will provide you with the right to use the software applications, web sites, tools and other features (collectively, the "Services") of FINDNOW which are provided you from time to time. You agree to be bound by these Terms by accessing or using any of the Services. Other third party services will be subject to the terms of service and privacy policy of any third party relating to any use which you may have. If you are using FINDNOW when you are acting as a business entity, please note that the transactions you make are binding for your business.

Some features and properties of the services may be subject to additional guidelines, terms or rules. These will be broadcasted in such a way that is related/contingent with the services in question. All of these additional terms, guidelines and rules were included in a way by referring to these conditions.

1. Personal Information  

We provide you assurance in terms of protecting the information of our users’ contact persons and personal information and their security. FINDNOW Privacy Policy defines how we collect the personal information, how we use, share and process them. You accept and agree that FINDNOW can collect the personal information in the way defined here, also can use, share and process them.

2. Rights of the Parties

Unless any agreement were mutually reached in written form, you may exercise the right to use the personal, non-exclusive and non-transferrable and limited services in personal and non-commercial ways and manners. You shall not you the FINDNOW Services on a device which you do not own.

You may not perform the following actions relating to the software applications of FINDNOW, updates thereof or other parts of it;

·      You may not duplicate/copy them,

·      You may not decompile them,

·      You may not subject them to reverse engineering practices,

·      You may not divide it into parts,

·      You may not attempt to generate the source code,

·      You may not change them,

·      You may not create derivative activities.

The exceptions to these; 1) Prohibition of the restrictions listed above as per the applicable laws, 2) Allowing them to some extent under these Terms of Service, 3) The license conditions under the FINDNOW software applications which govern any uses of open source components allowing this.

You are not given the permission/right to use the name, commercial brands or other commercial symbols of FINDNOW. FINDNOW reserves all the rights which were not given to you under these conditions clearly.

2. Delisting the Personal Information and Foregoing the advertising targets

Should you wish to deactivate the Improved/custom Search Functionality, you may apply to FINDNOW. The demands under the applications within your responsibility, based on the nature of the demand, this demand will be concluded as soon as possible within thirty days at the latest and free of charges. The contact information given by the user shall be deactivated. Thereafter they shall not be used under FINDNOW database.

3.  FINDNOW Updates

We reserve the right to add or remove features or functionality to FINDNOW. When your mobile phone is set up, FINDNOW periodically communicates with our servers. When we release a new version of FINDNOW or if we add new features to it, we may ask you to update FINDNOW on your mobile phone. This update can be done automatically or reported in advance and can all happen at the same time or in multiple sessions. Before you begin to use updated versions of FINDNOW, you may be asked to have reviewed the Terms of Service and may need to accept the current Terms of Service. You agree and acknowledge that any obligation to maintain the earlier versions of FINDNOW may be terminated by the use of FINDNOW updates, addenda or later versions.

4. Support

FINDNOW, constantly works to provide suitable and efficient technical support to the services, and maintain the updates and upgrades. However, FINDNOW is not obliged to provide any maintenance or support for the Services under these conditions. FINDNOW reserves the right to limit/restrict or terminate the support, update or upgrading activities provided from time to time.


5. Access

You shall, on your own account provide and maintain the required equipment, internet connections, devices and service plans needed to use and access the FINDNOW covering the costs/expenses thereof. If you access to FINDNOW via a mobile network, there may be other messages, data or charging from your network or circulation/web provider. You will be responsible from all the expenses you incur by for accessing FINDNOW. We do not declare that FINDNOW is available in all languages or FINDNOW is fit to be used in a certain place or can be used anywhere.


6. User’s Obligations and Restrictions

Any information or content which you may share with FINDNOW as a User of the Services does not violate any applicable law. This information and contents will not harm the Services.

You may not use the Services or Content commercially unless you do not reach an agreement in writing with us otherwise. You may not receive the Services or Content without obtaining permission. You agree not to object to the rights of FINDNOW or to claim any rights to the content provided by other users (the only exception to this is the rights expressly granted under these Terms). You agree to use the content only in the context explicitly stated on these terms.

Regarding the Services, Content or Information;

·      You may not prevent the services from proceeding regularly and in orderly manner,

·      You may not regulate or channel FINDNOW traffic,

·      You may not follow the other fraudulent or misleading/manipulating applications,

·      You may not generate their parallel storage

·      You may not use our services, information and contents to compete with us.

·      It is strictly forbidden to make/render any information contained in the services inaccessible, including any content and information which is accessible through any third party services.

·      You may not use the Services or Content in any manner that is illegal, harmful, or otherwise potentially offensive to any other user or third party. You agree that you will not abuse/exploit the Services or the content in any unauthorized manner, including but not limited to, unauthorized entry into the network or enforcement of network capacity. You also agree to use our Services or our Content in any manner that does not violate or infringe any person's right to harass, exploit, stealth, threaten, libel or otherwise misappropriate your personal rights. You acknowledge that FINDNOW is not in any way responsible for any harassing, threatening, libellous, defamatory or illegal content you may receive from such use. If you are using any services or content in any way prohibited by FINDNOW, and you acknowledge and agree that FINDNOW reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Service without prior notice.

7. Registered Rights  

The Services; are protected by the copyright and international copyright conventions/agreements and other intellectual property laws and treaties. FINDNOW and its licensors, services and all applicable intellectual property rights reserve the property rights under their intellectual property. These include copyrights, trademarks, trade names, database rights and patents. You are granted a limited right to use the Services subject to these Terms. However, no intellectual property rights will be deemed transferred or licensed to you.

8. Third Party Contents

The services of FINDNOW may contain links to third party websites and services provided by the services. The content, web sites and services of these third parties may be subject to the terms/conditions of third parties. FINDNOW is not responsible for any harm/damages which may arise as a result of any third party content, websites or services.

9. Uninstalling FINDNOW

Uninstalling and the methods of uninstalling may vary based on your device. In order to uninstall the FINDNOW, please use the applications manager of your device or refer to the user’s manual of your device.

    10. Releases relating to the Warranties/Undertakings 

FINDNOW, makes no warranties and/or gives no undertakings or statements within the limits permitted by the applicable relevant laws in force; services, qualifications, performance, merchantability, or any other third party's rights, whether express or implied. The Services are offered "as they are". You acknowledge and agree that the use of the Services is at your sole risk.

You agree that the services may not be available from time to time. FINDNOW, shall not be liable and responsible from your failing to use the services due to any reason whatsoever.

FINDNOW shall not give any warranties or statements that the services There are no warranties or statements given that the Services are appropriate for use in a particular location. You will do so on your own initiative as long as you choose to access and use the Services. You must comply with applicable Turkish laws in connection with this access and use of the Services.

  11. Limitations of Liability  

As per and according to applicable current laws; you agree that FINDNOW will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages and indemnities arising out of the use or inability to use the Services under any circumstances. These include loss of profits, loss of data and loss of brand value. In particular, FINDNOW will have no responsibility for any information stored or processed in the Services. These include recovering costs of this information.

FINDNOW shall not be responsible for the validity, reliability or authenticity of any content or information associated with or through the use of the Services. The use of the content or information obtained through the use of the Services will be at your discretion and the risk will belong to you only.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be excluded from the scope of law and shall not limit our obligations in essential matters. These also include the rights you may have under the relevant applicable consumer laws.

12. Security in cases of interaction with the other users

FINDNOW is not responsible for the behaviour of any user within or outside the scope of Services. The user agrees to be careful in terms of their security in all their interactions with other users. Other users; provide financial information (eg. credit card or bank account information), transfer money by bank, remittances or any monetary transfers otherwise.


13. Termination 

Your right to use the Services continues until the date of termination of these Terms. FINDNOW may terminate your use of these Terms and Services immediately and without need for any notices whatsoever. You may terminate the Terms at any time by uninstalling FINDNOW applications and terminating your use of the Services. This contract will automatically terminate if you do not comply with the terms. You acknowledge that FINDNOW is not liable to you or any third party without ending or disabling it. Subsequent to the termination, you agree to stop using the Services. In Warranty; waivers, limitations of liability, termination and the provisions of the applicable law sections will continue to apply despite the termination of these terms.

14. Transfer/Assignment  

FINDNOW, reserves the right to freely transfer/assign any rights/obligations under these conditions in its discretion.

15. Additional Conditions and Modifications

FINDNOW may share with third parties the data which are provided by/from the users.

FINDNOW provides data from third party applications to maintain and continue its services and expand its scope. Because FINDNOW provides global services, additional Terms of Service may apply to Users in certain jurisdictions. Such cases shall be indicated in the annexes and shall be included in the relevant documents.

FINDNOW may change/modify the Services at any time by way of adding or removing features or by not continuing with the Services. FINDNOW reserves the right to revise the revised terms at any time by submitting the revised terms to the User or by publishing revised Terms in the Services. Regarding important changes, the user will always be informed. At the same time, he will be given the option to terminate his services. The Revised Terms shall enter into force upon notice or publication by the User. Continuing to use the Services after Revision means that the User has agreed to and accepted the new Terms.

You should check your privacy agreement periodically to keep track of changes to the application. We will try to notify you by posting these changes by mail, by sending an in-app notification, or by posting them on the website when important changes are made.

      Significant portion of the information collected by FINDNOW is linked to non-personal identifiers such as anonymous User ID numbers or device ID numbers, and is not intended to identify and determine the identity of the user in the offline world. This type of Non-Personal Information consists of the type of device used, such as accessing periods, features or functions which you select and the geographical location you are in when using FINDNOW Services.




16. Your Liability against us

As per these terms/conditions, all lawsuits, proceedings, claims, expenses, damages and losses and (including but not limited to the judicial expenses and attorney’s fees) which us or our group or our top executives, directors, employees or agencies may incur by due to your use of FINDNOW Services and/or FINDNOW Platforms or your violation of these conditions or in any way related/contingent with these shall be your responsibility and liability against us.


17. Legal reservations

·  The contact information which the user has declared while becoming a member can be used for bulletins, marketing and advertising purposes.

·  The Application, should the users allow this, permits access to the users’ guides and the people registered in such guides. Should the give approval to this access, access to its guide will also deemed to have been allowed.

·  Data security under the application is provided by FINDNOW. However, the user is responsible for any unauthorized access to user information, contact information and other contents, abuse, storage, reproduction, sale, copying, as well as illegal use of user information, contact information and other content.

·  Any conflicts which may arise between FINDNOW and the member shall initially be settled by Turkish Courts of first instance and peace. In cases of failing to reach an agreement, the parties accept, declare and agree that Istanbul Courts shall have jurisdiction.

·  All Services, information, copyrighted works of FINDNOW, FINDNOW trademark, commercial appearance; all rights to all property, including personal and proprietary rights, trade information and know - how, including any kind of material and intellectual property rights acquired through the mobile application shall be reserved.



      18. Prohibited Activities and Penal Sanctions


FINDNOW will immediately terminate the account of the user performing any of the following actions by using any of our resources or through our service. These actions include (but are not limited to) the use of stolen credit card fraud, credit card fraud, PayPal fraud, bank fraud, e-gold fraud, Paysera fraud, Identity theft, phishing, spamming, Bitcoin fraud, fraud, blackmail, abduction, rape, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, murder, the sale of stolen credit cards, the sale of stolen goods. In addition, FINDNOW prohibits web scouring in any form or scale in any forms whatsoever.


  FINDNOW may amend/modify the Services at any time by adding or removing features or by not continuing/proceeding with the Services. FINDNOW reserves the right to revise the revised terms at any time by submitting the revised terms to the User or by publishing/broadcasting revised Terms within the Services. Regarding the important changes, the user will at all times, always be informed. At the same time, he/she will be given the option to terminate his/her services. The Revised Terms shall enter into force upon notice to the User or by publication. Continuing the use of the Services after Revision means that the User has accepted the new Terms. 

  FINDNOW may terminate any user account by creating a file about him/her if he/she violates these Terms without refunding, or it may suspend the account until any explanation, review or user comment is received. If your account has been suspended, you should contact us to see whether the file can be remedied/corrected or not. We may wait for a reasonable amount of time without permanently closing a user account and completely turning off charging/billing.

19. Application contents and charging

FINDNOW is a location sharing and location finding application. You will access/reach the person you want to follow by inquiring from the phone number. The services and features offered by the application;

·      • You can follow the real-time location of the people within your circle.

·      • You can send a tracking request by finding the person you want to follow from the phone number.

·      • By using the location history feature, you can learn the latest location information even if the person you are following is not reachable.

·      • You can block your followers at any time to keep your safety at the top level.

·      • You can reach by generating a route to the person whom you are following.

Only premium members may generate a circle for them and may add unlimited number of friends. If GPS continues to run in the background, this might adversely affect the battery life.       

        Different fees may be determined and set for country-based in-app purchasing. Amended wage information is notified to the user before purchase. However, if users change their settings in Apple/Play Store accounts and select a different country, the notified fees may vary. Charges reported to the user are arranged according to the country which they have selected in the account settings. As long as you do not cancel, your service automatically renews at the end of each service period and repeats for the length of the previous service period.  


We wish you to be completely satisfied and happy with our services. Problems can be encountered from time to time. We solve 99% of the problems encountered. FINDNOW reserves the right to suspend, cancel or reject any service at any time for any reason. No refunds can be made for deleted accounts because they violate our Terms of Service.


The requests for refunding (returning money) is dealt with by Apple/Play Store, not by FINDNOW. The problem will be solved when you click onto Apple ID via iTunes or Google Play Purchase detail to request money order, select "Purchase history", find the transaction and click "Report Problem". You can also submit a request via https://getsupport.apple.com , https://support.google.com/googleplay/?hl=en#topic=3364260

      19.2    Features of Location Information

FINDNOW has features designed to collect and share location information about you and others who use the app. These features require the installation of the relevant Mobile Software on the device where the location data will be provided. The features may not work if the relevant settings that enable gathering and sharing of required information and location information are not enabled. The Service will periodically access and collect information about your device and location (this information will be the Company Content of this Agreement). By using features designed to collect and share information, you represent and warrant that you are obligated to accept, use and access this information and grant permission to collect.